Prima donna

In un articolo sulle aziende familiari italiane, su The Economist del 12 marzo 2011, si parla della difficoltà di introdurre in azienda manager competenti di provenienza esterna. “The failure of many family bosses to play a team game – perhaps not surprising in a country where prima donna is a compliment, not an insult –… Continua a leggere Prima donna

Education: how to be top

Economist, October 20th 2007, p.74-75 “What works in education: the lessons according to McKinsey There are big variations in educational standards between countries. These have been measured and re-measured by the OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) which has established, first, that the best performing countries do much better than the worst and, second,… Continua a leggere Education: how to be top


Khaled Fouam Allam: Solitudine dell’Occidente. Rizzoli 2006 Rafik Schami (siriano, cristiano): saga Il lato oscuro dell’amore (Garzanti) Ivo Andric: Il ponte sulla Drina Predrag Matvejevic: Mediterraneo

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